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Fussy kids. Fuss no more.

You don’t need us to tell you that kids can be fussy eaters.  However, to help make mealtimes less stressful for you and your children, we’ve come up with a few handy tips and tricks to ensure everyone eats well.

Tips for kids’ mealtimes


-          Offer simple choices that are easy and tasty to eat, such as fruit pieces, cubes of cheese, sandwiches and milk shakes.

-          Try using a cookie cutter to make interesting shapes out of sandwiches or arrange food on the plate in different shapes such as a smiling face.

-          Lead by example and make sure they see you eating and enjoying different foods too.

-          Serve what they will happily eat more than once a week as part of a balanced diet. Kids like familiar foods, but don’t be afraid to continue to offer new choices and flavours for them to try.

-          To feel involved, ask your kids to help out – even if it’s only helping to set the table or passing you something in the kitchen.

-          Don’t let kids drink too much before a meal – they’ve only got small stomachs, and this will make them feel “full” before they even sit down to eat.

Whatever happens, don’t give up! Kids may need to be offered new food a few times before they feel confident to eat it.

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