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Getting Your Vege and Fruit Hit at Lunch Time

Lunches are a great opportunity to incorporate some nourishing fruits and vegetables to your diet.

  • Set yourself up for the next few days by bringing a container of chopped veges, such as carrots, celery, capsicum and cucumber, to work. This way you always have a great addition to your meal, even if you do buy a sandwich from the bakery.
  • Make interesting salads by combing veges with some healthy grains (brown rice, quinoa, chickpeas or some grainy bread). Top with some tinned fish, cooked lean meat or chicken or a tofu and you instantly have a nourishing meal to get you through your day.
  • Choose salad instead of chips when ordering fish or chicken from the food court at lunchtime.

For more ideas see:

- How to pack a great lunch by Claire Turnbull
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