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Heart Foundation Tick Products

Better Food Choices For You and Your Family

The Tick Program is the Heart Foundation’s guide to helping people make better food choices quickly and easily. Tick approved products meet the Heart Foundation’s strict nutrition standards for nutrients such as saturated and trans fats, sodium, kilojoules (calories) and fibre. Products with the Tick have been tested by an independent laboratory, and are routinely spot checked to ensure that they continue to comply with the Tick’s requirements.

For more information on the Tick Program go to: Heart Foundation

Nestlé recognises the importance of the Heart Foundation Tick to help make healthier choices easier choices. That’s why the following Nestlé products carry the Heart Foundation Tick.


  • CHEERIOS 320g
  • CHEERIOS Honey 350g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Gourmet Selections Cafe Style
  • UNCLE TOBYS Gourmet Selections Sultanas, Apple & Honey 10x35g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Gourmet Selections Variety Pack 10x35g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Milk Oaties 1kg
  • UNCLE TOBYS Milk Oaties 500g
  • UNCLE TOBYS PLUS Antioxidant 435g
  • UNCLE TOBYS PLUS Calcium 385g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets Brown Sugar & Cinnamon 350g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets Berry 350g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets Big Bowl Creamy Honey 460g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets Classics Variety Pack 420g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets Creamy Honey 350g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets Fruit Variety Pack 420g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets Golden Syrup 350g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets Original 350g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachets Multigrain Variety 350g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Oat Crisp Almond 415g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Oat Crisp Hazlenut & Strawberry 415g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Rolled Oats 1.3kg
  • UNCLE TOBYS Rolled Oats 1kg
  • UNCLE TOBYS Rolled Oats 575g
  • UNCLE TOBYS Shredded Wheat 280g

Carnation Range

  • CARNATION Light & Creamy Coconut Flavoured Evaporated Milk 375ml
  • CARNATION Light & Creamy Evaporated Milk 375ml


  • MAGGI Asparagus Soup 1.8kg
  • MAGGI Minestrone Soup 1.8kg


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