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Sports and General Nutrition Advice

As we all know, sport can be physically demanding. In order to perform at your optimal level, you need to provide your body with the proper nutrition; something that is dependent on both the individual and their level of activity. To make it easy, AUT Millennium’s nutritionist Claire Turnbull  and Nestlé’s nutrition experts have teamed up to provide you with over 20 wide nutrition advice sheets that are specific to your sport. Plus, we have created a range of general nutrition sheets to help you understand more about the role of food in your body and how you can both boost your energy levels and recover more effectively.

These sheets are aimed for those who participate in sport at the recreational level and who train a maximum of once per day. For those at the elite level (training at high intensity more than once a day) the sheets will provide a good overview, but additional individualised advice from a sports Nutritionist/Dietician is recommended.

Check out this great information today and start giving your body the fuel it needs to perform at your very best.


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