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Now it’s easier to shop for healthier packaged foods

Here at Nestlé we support anything that gives you more information on our foods, and ways to help you make better choices when you shop.

On the back of most of our packages you’ll find the Nestlé Nutritional Compass® which will give all the detail on the nutrients, ingredients and allergens in that food. Plus some handy extra nutrition or health information too.

Now, on the front of our packs, you will see the Health Star Rating starting to appear on our foods in store. This is a simple device that shows the total number of stars that food has scored – the more stars the better. So if you’re trying to choose between similar foods now you can quickly look at the Stars and use them to find the healthier product.

The Health Star Rating for each food is based on levels of key nutrients; energy, saturated fat, totals sugars, sodium, protein and fibre, also the levels of any fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

On larger packages you might also see small thumbnails alongside the Star that gives the level of some nutrients (e.g. total fat). You can see this information on the back of pack too in the nutrition information panel.

Key facts about the Health Star Rating:

  • Led by the governments in NZ and Australia (with input from consumer groups, non-government organisations and food companies)
  • For use on packaged foods
  • Can be from 0.5 up to 5 Stars
  • The more stars the healthier the food
  • Free for companies to use
  • Use it to compare similar foods e.g. looking for a tasty soup for lunch? Look for one with the highest Star rating

We are proud of our range of foods and the Stars they carry. Have a look at our UNCLE TOBY’S cereals for example which are largely 4 & 5 Stars!

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We also believe it’s important our kids understand the Star ratings as part of learning to shop for healthy foods to enjoy. Nestlé’s popular school programme, Be Healthy Be Active now includes a great new section on food packaging. There is so much to learn from the information given on food labels, including the Health Star Rating. We are excited to make this available in line with the school curriculum, for years five to 10. View more details here: https://www.behealthybeactive.co.nz/

Article written By Dietitian, Julie North


Want to know more about the Health Star Rating? Claire Turnbull explains here

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