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Exercise For Kids

It’s important to introduce exercise for kids at an early age. Whether it’s playing with friends or family, taking part in sports or other physical activities, or joining regular family activities, being active is good for everyone!

1)      Get active early

Active kids are more likely to become active adults, so teach them to enjoy it now!

2)      Variety, variety

Encourage kids to try a range of sports and activities to develop a range of skills and find one or two that they really like.

3)      Have fun

Sounds simple but the basic rule is that sport and activity should be enjoyable.

4)      Take the lead

Kids take their cues from parents- so make activity a regular part of your family routine.

5)      Give toys a miss

Help kids get active by giving sporting goods rather than toys as gifts.

6)      Try something new

Develop new family activities such as indoor rock climbing, bike riding, skiing or sailing.

7)      Handy action toys

Keep a touch football, basketball, kite, or tennis ball handy to grab on your way outdoors for an easy 20 minutes of fun.

8)      Find a balance

Help kids find their own balance of friends, physical activities, indoor play and homework with unstructured play such as daydreaming, creating, thinking and reading.

9)      Give the chauffeur the day off

That’s you! Introduce the kids to the way we all once got around- walking or riding bikes with them.

10)  Everyday action

Aim for 30-60 minutes of moderate activity everyday plus 20-30 minutes of stronger activity up to three times a week.

Don’t wait, start with your exercise plans today.


Excerpt from ‘Healthy Active Kids’ produced by Nestlé in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport.

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