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Pregnant woman

Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy is an amazing time for most expectant mums.  Your body is changing, your hormones are pumping and you are continually struck by the wonder of the new life growing within you. Sounds great, except that you may find yourself tired and nauseous as well!

Exercise is one way to overcome tiredness and nausea as the endorphins your body produces can ease some of the less pleasant pregnancy symptoms.

Whilst most women will be able to engage in some sort of physical activity throughout their pregnancy, it is important to take into account the changes in your body that pregnancy brings and regulate your exercise accordingly.  Things like sky diving, skiing and rugby are out – but that leaves plenty of exercises in!

Walking and swimming are two obvious choices.  The best things about these activities is that they are easy to engage in and can be done at your own pace.

Yoga is another brilliant pregnancy exercise.  Not only does it give you a full body workout, but it is also effective in giving your mind skills to stay calm and breathe through the various exercises.  This is a skill that will be incredibly useful when you are giving birth.

Keeping a high level of pregnancy fitness also has some great long term benefits as well.  You will be much better placed to cope with the rigours of labour, and it will also help you get back into shape after you give birth.

So enjoy this wondrous time, and look after yourself by getting lots of rest, eating good, nutritious food and taking time for physical activity.  Your body and your baby will thank you!

Remember, don’t push yourself too hard, and consult your doctor or healthcare professional prior to embarking on any exercise regime in pregnancy.

For more hints and ideas, check out our Postnatal Exercise page.


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