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Tips for Men’s Winter Workouts

As the weather is numbingly cold it becomes tougher to find the willpower to lace-up your runners and get active. Coupled with other commitments, working out often becomes the lowest priority, yet fitness devotees somehow muster the motivation to exercise regularly, don’t they?


The most common advice given to novice exercisers revolves around ‘wanting’ to be fit, or exercising enough so it becomes second nature. But what happens when motivations runs dry, and you’re constantly hitting the snooze button, skipping your run and sleeping for a couple more minutes?

Turn your commute into a workout

If you’re time-poor with a busy schedule, this may be a huge benefit. For many of us, the commute to work is the most inactive part of the day, due to the fact that we sit aimlessly in the car or on public transport. By running, walking, or biking you eliminate the responsibility of carving out another part of your day to get active. Getting from A to B is enough to warm you up and help you forget about the arctic temperatures.


Give yourself a real reward

For some, vague goals such as ‘weight maintenance’ or ‘better health’ are enough motivation. If this doesn’t apply to you, make the benefits of working out more tangible by applying strict goals and treating yourself to something you really want when these goals are met. Instead of cheat days, treat yourself with an item or an experience that will improve your active lifestyle. For example, commit to consistently running 5km a day for two weeks and reward yourself with a HRM watch.


Invest in new gear

Trying to brace winter fitness in last summer’s gear probably isn’t the best idea. Sort yourself out with some weather appropriate apparel, footwear and equipment so you’re properly equipped to face the cold. Also, the financial investment should also motivate you to make the purchase valuable.


Create some friendly competition and share your results

Get together with some friends and suggest some friendly (or not) competition. Apply a timeline, organise a reward and get straight into it. Competition turns a solitary pursuit into an enjoyable group activity.


Get creative with the contest:

Most steps walked, most calories burned, highest percentage of weight lost. Aim for upwards of four contestants, enforce weekly check-ins, and make sure the reward is the focus! Once a winner is crowned, bragging rights are enough to keep anyone returning to the stairclimber to sweat their way into first place.

Embrace the cold weather

The ultimate tried and tested way to stay motivated to workout during winter is to embrace the cold weather, because it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you enjoy water sports, take your beach swims to a heated indoor pool and if you prefer bundling up and going for a quick run, getting outside will be invigorating and provide a great change of pace from cooping yourself up inside.


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