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What Would A Superhero Eat?

A positive role model can help kids eat fruit and veges …

Ever wondered what Superheroes eat to keep them strong enough to protect the world?

You might be surprised to hear that this is something that our kids really do think about!

Research from Cornell University in New York suggests that priming children with a positive role model who they look up to, can help them to make healthy choices when it comes to their food decisions.

Assistant-Professor Tara Diversi from Bond University recently presented at a Nestlé Breakfast Symposium and was one of the researchers of the study.  She said that researchers asked children to consider “What Would Batman Eat?”

The results showed that priming children with a positive role model helped to increase their healthy food choice (apple fries) by 36% over a not so healthy choice (french fries).

The research highlighted that children can be influenced to make healthier choices and that children as young as preschoolers can understand healthier choices.

So next time your little Superhero is making their food choice, ask them What Do Superheroes Eat?

Case Study

Like many six year olds, Robbie’s favourite song was Beat It. When it came to his sandwiches he wanted to know what Michael Jackson had on his.  When his mum told him he had spinach and avocado, that became Robbie’s filling of choice – until his next role model came along!

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