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8 steps to a healthy happy Christmas

The festive season is a wonderful time when we can enjoy catching up with friends and family, spend time outside on warm sunny days and hopefully take a break from work for a while – even if just for a day or two!

However, with socialising and food galore on the cards, it can be very easy to pack on a couple of kilos at this time or year or just to feel a bit sluggish after over indulging one to many times. While there is of course rooms for treats over the festive season, there are also things you can do to enjoy Christmas in a slightly healthier way to make sure you start the new year feeling energised and fabulous! Here are some ideas for you…


1. Remember, Christmas comes every year. This won’t be the first, or the last time you see cake, mince pies, pavola and custard! When you are faced with a table of delicious Christmas goodies – have a good look at what is there and just go for one or two of your favourite things rather than feeling that you need to try EVERYTHING!

2.     Avoid arriving at Christmas functions super starving hungry – have a salad, smoothie, some fruit or a yoghurt before you go to help you to tame your snacking when you arrive so you can wait and enjoy the main meal.

3.     Be the one to take something healthy and delicious. If you are asked to take a plate to a function, make it your job to show others how delicious healthy food can be. Here is a fantastic recipe idea for you to try >> Click here

4.     Enjoy alcohol free drinks and ideally some alcohol free days!

5.     Learn to say ‘NO THANKS’. Two powerful words so many people need to get much better at using more often. You do not have to go to every social event you are invited to if it is going to cause you stress. You do not have to eat or drink everything that is offered to you. Be polite and kind in your delivery of these words, but don’t spend the festive season eating more than you need just because you don’t want to offend other people.

6.     Light meals – inevitably you will end up having some big meals over the festive season. If you have a huge lunch or dinner which lasts for several hours, just make your meals on either side of things super light and healthy. Salads, smoothies, fruit and yoghurt. Get the veggies in wherever you can.

7.     Keep moving – walks with family and friends, swimming in the sea, running around playing frisbee or with a rugby ball – wherever you go, keep active! You might still be able to fit in the odd gym and run session too, it will make it much easier to get back into things when the New Year rolls around.
8.     Go for healthy gifts! Stuck for ideas of what to buy your loved ones this Christmas?! Why not give them something fun, fabulous and healthy! Check out some great ideas here >>  claireturnbull.co.nz

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


By Claire Turnbull, Nutritionist AUT Millennium



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