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Nestlé Allergen Centre

At Nestlé we understand that some of our consumers may have allergic reactions or sensitivities to the major food allergens identified by FSANZ – Foods Standards of Australia and New Zealand. Nestlé globally, has also decided to label a few other allergens in addition to those identified by FSANZ to be consistent with Nestlé labelling worldwide. We have developed our Allergen Centre to help our consumers manage their dietary requirements.

Allergy Awareness & Fact Sheets

For further information about allergens, you may like to view our Fact Sheets and articles below.

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How We Label Our Products

Nestlé New Zealand follows the requirements of the Australia and New Zealand Foods Standards Code ANZFSC. If there are cereals containing gluten, crustacea, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, soy, sesame, milk, egg and sulphites greater than 10mg/kg formulated in a product, this will be listed in the ingredients list. Where an ingredient is derived from one of these, this will also be labelled in the ingredients list. In addition, if there are lupins, celery or mustard in a product, these will also be listed in the ingredient list. On occasion, a product may not contain one of the allergens above, however it is manufactured on the same equipment that processes products that do contain these allergens. This may result in what is known as “cross-contact” and hence there could be small amounts of the allergen in a product. Where this is the case, Nestlé will state “Made on equipment that also processes products containing ….” following the ingredients list.

Other Useful Sites

For more information about allergen management, we would recommend that you consult your healthcare professional and visit the following useful websites:

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