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Quit Smoking Tips

There is a range of professional support available to you in quitting smoking. Quitline is a body that is entirely dedicated to supporting smokers in quitting. You can call 0800 778 778 to speak to a Quitline counsellor, or you can access some of their fantastic online resources at the website to help you quit smoking.

As well as looking to Quitline for some professional help, ask one of your friends or family members to be your specialised ‘quit buddy’.  Ask them to be on hand with a call, a text or a coffee date if you need someone to talk to. We’ve also put together a list of tips to help you quit smoking:

  • Replace your cigarette breaks with healthy alternatives, to get those feel good endorphins pumping.
  • Take a brisk walk to boost blood flow to the brain and improve mental clarity
  • A quick game of sport (a bit of basketball, a kick around with the soccer ball)
  • Call a friend for a quick chat. Keeping in touch with friends and family is vital for feeling happy and healthy.

Read our blog post: The Dangers of Smoking to find out how smoking affects your health and puts you at risk of illnesses (such as diabetes).

Quitting smoking is a great step towards bumping up your happiness and living a healthier lifestyle.

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