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Reduce Your Drinking

Is your drinking okay? Check it out using the quiz at www.alcohol.org.nz/alcohol-you/your-drinking-okay/.

If you’d like to reduce your drinking, you don’t have to cut out alcohol altogether. You can continue to enjoy your glass of wine on a Friday night, or a couple of beers with your mates at the footy. Here are a few tips to allow you to keep your drinking levels within the recommended amounts:

  • Have at least two alcohol-free days per week.  For example nominate Monday-Thursday as ‘alcohol free’ and enjoy a responsible amount of alcohol on the weekends.
  • Be prepared when going to social events like BBQs and parties by taking some non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Aim to have one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have.

Experiment with ‘mocktails’- cocktails without alcohol. Have a party and serve your latest unique blend of fruit juices and soft drinks. A relaxing red wine or a beer after work can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Keep balance in mind to help you to reduce your drinking and aim to make alcohol an occasional treat as part of your happy, healthy life.

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