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Stressed out woman

Signs of Stress

The first thing we need to do is to recognise when we are stressed. Often, we don’t even realise that we are stressed out until we snap!

But there are often many signs of stress – we lose our temper over some quite trivial thing, we shout at a loved one, get irate at work colleagues or customers, get tense and angry in the traffic, shout, curse and swear (even if it’s only inwardly)! We all have our own examples of stress-induced rage! But not everyone easily recognises when they are getting stressed. Stress is like that – it creeps up on you. One minute you think you’re fine – the next – you’re in a rage. It helps to be aware of some of the common signs of stress as well as the implications of stress (which include the risk of diabetes).

Some of the signs of stress include finding it hard to wind down, over-reacting to quite trivial situations, or getting agitated and tense. For some people, a useful marker of stress is when they find themselves getting impatient when they are delayed in any way, for example, being kept waiting by lifts, traffic lights, in a queue – when you find it difficult to tolerate reasonable interruptions to things you are doing, or you keep over-reacting to situations.

Once you can start to recognise these kinds of stress-related patterns and you can accept that you need to make some changes, it is not actually that hard to start to reduce stress and to move towards a more happy and healthy lifestyle.

Content adapted from: Coach Yourself, by Dr Anthony Grant and Jane Greene, and Eight Steps To Happiness: An Everyday Handbook, by Dr Anthony Grant.

This fact sheet contains general information and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your healthcare professional for specific advice for your personal situation.

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