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Help Your Child Be Happy & Healthy

We all know that getting your kids to eat a balanced diet is important in helping them to be healthy, right?

But did you know that there are other factors that influence whether they grow up fit and strong – and that you could help them?

Recent research by the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University in New York1, suggests 12 influences that will set kids on a good path to adult health.


1.    Has good friends
2.    Gets enough sleep
3.    Drinks water more often than soft drink or juice
4.    Isn’t bullied


5.    Is not used as a reward
6.    Is not used as punishment


7.    Prepare meals for your child
8.    Prepare meals from scratch for your child
9.    Talk to your child about nutrition
10.  Play outdoors with your child


11.   You maintain a healthy body weight
12.   Your parents maintained a healthy body weight

If you can help with some of these, your kids will thank you – one day!


1Bevelander, Kaipainen, Swain, Dohle, Bongard, Hines & Wansink (PLOS ONE 2014)



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