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Who Are The Happiest And Healthiest New Zealanders?


Between October and February 2015 more than 33,000 Kiwis have taken the Choose Wellness Quiz and our septuagenarians have come out on top!

The Nestlé Choose Wellness Quiz gives a score of up to 100 based on happiness, diet, exercise, health behaviours, sleep and social interaction. For people aged 70 or older the average wellness score is a spectacular 70, compared with the average adult scoring 63.The youngest respondents (<40 years) scored 58-59 – more than 10 points lessthan the oldest. However, scores got progressively better as people got older: 45-49 years scored 61, 55-59 years scored 65, and 65-69 years scored 69.

The Nestlé Choose Wellness initiative aims to help people lead healthy, active lives. The Wellness Quiz is designed to be fun, thought provoking and give people a starting point for healthy and achievable change.

Choose Wellness quiz results1 - NZ

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