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Making Social Connections

Making social connections is a great way to combat feeling lonely, and to become more engaged in the community around you.

Here are five key tools to build social connections:

  1. Learn to develop rapport. Rapport is that feeling of being in sync with other people. When you are talking to someone, put your whole focus on them. Use their name and try to make them feel comfortable in the conversation. Avoid talking about yourself.
  1. Support others. Avoid feeling competitive or jealous when others succeed. Celebrate their success. Make them feel good.
  1. Keep in touch. Make sure you answer phone calls. Return emails and even try and use social networking websites!
  1. Respond and connect. Give back to others. If a relationship is not going the way that you’d like it to, try to give the other person the very thing that you are missing from the relationship. If you want love, give love. If you want respect, give respect. It’s amazing how often this works.
  1. Find fun things to do with friends and family. Set aside a day a month for “social experiments”. Try a new and different kind of social activity just for fun.

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Content adapted from: Coach Yourself, by Dr Anthony Grant and Jane Greene, and Eight Steps To Happiness: An Everyday Handbook, by Dr Anthony Grant.

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