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Relationship Building Skills

Enhancing your relationship building skills is a great way of increasing your social connections, and gaining new friends. You’ll notice your own happiness levels go up as you become more engaged with those around you.

Here’s some relationship building ideas for getting you started:

  • Take time each day to slow down and to make contact with someone – it could be a “hello” as you buy the milk or newspapers, or a chat at the coffee machine at work.
  • Decide to get in touch with people with whom you’ve lost touch. Spread some happiness around.
  • Set out each day to make meaningful connections with other people. Be proactive: don’t wait for people to come to you. Talk to other people.
  •  Become active in your community.Volunteer to help. Take a risk. Reach out to others. Give back.

Content adapted from: Coach Yourself, by Anthony Grant and Jane Greene, and Eight Steps To Happiness: An Everyday Handbook, by Anthony Grant.

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